10 webmarketing tips for campsites

In addition to these 4 intensive days, here are 10 webmarketing tips for campsites and outdoor hotels. These tips are divided into 2 themes: e-reputation and SEO.




1. Take stock of your e-reputation
We often talk about it on this blog, e-reputation is a major issue for companies. The first step is to take an inventory of all comments about your campsite on the Internet. You will primarily look for customer reviews left on forums, blogs or review sites (see below for customer reviews sites).


Start this review using Google (advanced search option) at first or Youssemii. For the most picky of you, you can do a final trick with other free tools for standby.


Even if it seems tedious, you will have to deal with a large part of these opinions (thank the positives, answer the most problematic when it is useful). This is indeed a new way to understand customer relationships.


Finally, do not forget to formalize all of this work in an e-reputation tracking table.


2. Automate the monitoring of your e-reputation


Once this work is done, all you have to do is automate this monitoring. You can use free tools like Google Alerts or Alerti.


3. Monitor Customer Reviews Sites


There are many consumer opinion sites on the web. These sites allow users to express themselves about a product or service. By following these sites, this will allow you to quickly evaluate the opinion of Internet users about your company.


On the tourism market, we can mention: Zoover (with a section for campsites), Tripadvisor (probably the most famous), Ciao, Holidaycheck (rather focused hotel), Trustntrust (which is positioned on the reliability of its opinions), …



To know that if you have an open file on Google Places (see below), a majority of these reviews will go back on this sheet.


So, in addition to active monitoring, do not hesitate (when possible) to open and complete an official form on these different sites (at least the information will be accurate) and to follow these opinions (that is, to treat them).


4. Encourage your customers to leave their opinion on these sites


You have every interest in having your customers leave their opinion on the Internet. For 3 reasons:


– The more your establishment has an opinion on Tripadvisor, the more it will strengthen its position in the ranking of the site (so it will be more visible)


– The more satisfied customers you have, the more it will make others want to come to your home


– In addition, Google supplements its sponsored links by including an average score given by consumers (optional feature and experimentation)


In short, in addition to an issue at the level of e-reputation, customer reviews have an impact on the visibility of an establishment.


Remember to encourage your customers to leave their opinion on these sites. How? By sending them an e-mail after their departure for example. I even saw, in a guest book, a sticker stuck on the cover that invited customers to decline their message on the Internet (with the address of the notice site). Also, remember to thank online customers who do this (it will encourage others later).


Natural reference


5. Make a reflection directed towards the surfer


If you’ve never done it, start by asking what queries you want to position yourself. It is imperative to put yourself in the place of a surfer: what can he type in his search engine?


To help you in this reflection, you can use Google insights (for major search trends on queries) or Google’s keyword generator (no need to be an Adwords client to use it).

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