The importance of consistency between on-line and off-line for a company

Let’s start this post with a truism: for a company, online communication must be consistent with its off-line communication.


You find that obvious, do not you?


But if I slip this notion, like that, innocently, it’s because I happen to observe shocking situations.



Ok, I give you an example.


During a show (wine sector) a few months ago, I conducted a small study on the 259 participating companies. Here is what came out of it:


– 63% of companies had a website (and therefore 37% did not have one)

– On these websites, 61% of companies did not announce their presence at this well-known show (but maybe these companies still use the email or newsletter to do so?)

– I have identified two types of cases: the site does not have a news / events page (48%) or even more serious the news / events page is not up to date (52%). Note that this study was conducted 8 days before the show


Surprised by these figures, I decided to go to this show and observe, on the spot, if the 63% of companies who had a site, promoted or leaned on their stand.


The report was even harder: on almost 80% of the stands concerned, I found no trace of the site (no brochure or product sheet with links to the site, no signage, …).


Regarding the good students (they were still 39%), not only their news / events page was up to date, but in addition, some even offered visitors to receive an invitation on request by email (and presto, in the file prospects!). Finally, note that 3 properties also had a blog, which allowed them to go a little further in the relationship with their customers (information before the show, photos and anecdotes after …).

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